Fowler filters manufactured with high technology and expertise, protect the I.C. engines in all operating conditions, whether on road, off-road, moving or stationary. Fowler air filters are proven products that are used by various leading OE manufacturers for many years to their full satisfaction. The capacity ranges from 100 to 5000 cubic metre/ hour and these air cleaners are suitable for very dusty conditions. They can be horizontal or vertical type, with or without precleaner, with single or two elements and with options such as restriction indicator, dust ejection valve, inlet hood.

John Fowler also supplies other filters for engines, such as fuel filters, lubricating oil filters and breathers.

Fuel filters are of two types- primary filter and secondary filter. These filters provide guaranteed protection to fuel injection system of the engine. Lubricating oil filters are of two types- full flow oil filter and by-pass oil filter. These filters provide protection to lubrication system of engine. Breathers are of two types- crank case breather and tank breather. These breathers prevent dust ingress into the tank / crank case from atmosphere and also prevent oil vapour / oil mist escaping out to atmosphere.

All these filters are tested as per National/ International/Customer standards for performance.

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